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Remote working is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment. Unfortunately, with the coronavirus pandemic, this will be a much more needed style to apply. IT Pinoy NZ volunteers are happy to combine forces in order to offer FREE guidance on how to work productively at home, manage virtual meetings, and lead teams through this time of crisis. Also, join Pinoys in NZ community for any other topics.

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Be online whether you’re using your mobile phone, tablets, laptop or PC, we’ll have our online workshop anywhere you go.

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Learn the basics and a bit beyond, from zero knowledge and skill to decent

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We can’t stop what’s going on, but we shouldn’t stop learning. Be the better version of yourself after our online workshops.

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IT Pinoy NZ Workshop

Work From Home Experiences

Instructor: Volunteer

Learn how to cope up and adapt the changes when working at home to complete all your tasks.

Tools you will need when working remotely

Instructor: Volunteer

Know all the essential tools in order to have a well organised and focused work at home environment.

skills you can learn at home and get paid

Instructor: Volunteer

Get a chance to learn new skills and get paid. It is not the end of the world, it is just an opportunity for us to have time to get ready and bounce back with new set of skills.

ONLINE TUTORIAL SITES & Tools for work from home

Expert IT Professional - IT Pinoy Admin

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I’ve worked with many different companies here in New Zealand but spent most of the time working at home. It will take time for you to adjust with this working style that’s why you’ll need guidance in order to learn how to cope with the changes, how to develop skills quickly and how to make sure to keep things done while at home.

Charisse Bituin

entrepreneur | tech expert

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Reminders: Wash your Hands, Be Safe, Stay at home if you’re sick, Check on your loved ones. COVID-19 will be prevented with your cooperation. Thank you!

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