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Importance of Website Accessibility During This Pandemic

In a world full of technology, the ability to reach all people, disabled or not, is vital during this pandemic. While people are home, they are doing things at home, ordering things at home, and in general getting more information. With this, it creates revenue for businesses through apps and websites.

Is website accessibility that important? Yes. Your website and mobile apps need to have full accessibility. Being able to reach those that are unable to do the “normal things” and have found other ways to live life is very important. Having it to where all can access and get what they need, no matter on what device.

Social distancing is in place to keep everyone protected; however, it is difficult for those with disabilities to call on other individuals without risking their health. This reason is one of many reasons why mobile apps and web development is needed to be accessible by all.

Understanding Accessibility

While accessibility is essential, we also need to be sure that all areas of technology are covered. The mobile apps on our devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and watches, also need to have accessibility. Having that adds to the independence that an individual can have without having to sit down at a computer. In some households, no computers are there. You want to make sure that they are available on all mobile operating systems such as IOS and Android.

Accessibility Check

There are ways to make sure that your website and mobile apps are, in fact, accessible to those who can work with the world wide web. Mobile apps should be simple and easy to navigate while still serving the needs of customers of all disabilities. The lack of can cause loss of revenue and customers.

Mobile vs. Desktop

Mobile apps and websites function differently than desktop websites and apps. While they may go to the same pages, they not only look a little different and more simplified, but they also run differently and react differently. If you have a website, make sure that all devices from desktop to mobile work correctly and are accessible but work differently in their accessibility. Make sure to do your research, get your checklists, and you can reach out further than ever before.


Android devices have included apps within the phones that allow access to help those with disabilities. This access includes the ability to change displays that allow font size and style change, along with magnification, colour options, and themes. Along with side, Android also has screen readers where you can communicate with your device, and your device can communicate with you. If you are needing Braille, Android currently only uses English Braille at this time. Android also has speech input and output availability.


IOS also has its share of accessible apps within their devices as well from screen display customization that changes everything to provide a fully visible screen. iOS also provides thirty different languages to use when using Apples on screen reader that can be customized as well. Apple also provides “Guided Access,” which helps keep people on track and limit time on devices when needed.

Tools of Accessibility 

No matter what disability, it is crucial to make sure that the apps and websites address them adequately. While it is not in “law” to have them in place, it is to the businesses’ best interest to have them in place. They can serve more people on a more personal level while still making revenue.

Screen Readers 

Screen readers help the blind or visually impaired to “see” the content on their screens. The program should be able to read parts of the screen, whether it is highlighted or pre-determined. They should be able to read and spell words along with being able to find a section on the screen. Screen readers should also be able to tell the user where they are pointing on their screen.

Text Reading 

Much like screen readers, text reading apps read the text on your screen. This app helps if you are reading documents or books on your device. You can adjust the text’s speed that it reads, and in some cases, the text highlights. These actions allow an individual to listen to an article or document if they cannot or struggle to read.

Speech Input and Output 

Speech input and output also is referred to as text-to-speech, where you can communicate with your device, and your device is not only able to do what you tell it, but it also communicates back with you. In most cases, it is set to default but can be customized the way you need it

Screen Magnification

Screen magnification is an app that helps enlarge a screen so that it can be seen more accessible and more clearly. This can help those with vision difficulties be able to see the screen better by providing a better experience with their device and app or website.

Input Devices 

Some mobile and desktop devices are compatible with input devices. Input devices are pieces of computer equipment that transfers communication signals to and from a system. Input items can be anything from keyboards to scanners, microphones, or even equipment such as joysticks. Joysticks or Trackballs allow individuals to navigate devices.

Large Key and Symbols 

Large keys allow individuals to better see and better touch their communication on their devices. In some cases, if they are unable to read and understand traditional language, some symbols help them communicate. These symbols also make things simple and more comfortable to find for those who get distracted easily.


The simple fact is that while these individuals may be disabled, they do not want to lose their sense of independence. This fact includes being able to function on the internet without having to call someone every 5 minutes to help them. We can help achieve that, with accessible websites and mobile apps in the palm of their hands.

Keep it Simple 

If you have called to action buttons, links, or any other area where you want to send your customers, keep it close by. Not everyone can visit every area of your page. Visitors come to your site or app for information or product and want to go straight to it without a problem. 

If they cannot get what they are searching for, you potentially lose customers and leads.

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